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Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities
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KCAL Lunch & Learn -Think Like a Hacker
Thursday, February 28, 2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Louisville, KY

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IT Security goes to the heart of your organization. Everything that makes you personally or professionally unique (your health, financials, family; organization's financials, intellectual property etc) has data tied to it. The reason securing your data is important is that your data, your personal data, and your professional data, is being targeted. 

The statistics are overwhelming and exacerbate daily.

 A data breach can have devastating and crippling effects to your organization’s operations and a breach affects every layer from top to bottom. The risks come from daily attacks involving non-technical criminals who disseminate your data publicly on the Dark Web. Why? Profit, Power or Politics.

 We will cover:

  • Why should I care about Cybersecurity
  • Trends and Tactics
  • Best Practices
  • Interactive Discussion & Short Video
  • Q & A

This presentation has been presented alongside local field agents of the FBI in the past. The data is real. The risk is real. And it absolutely can be stopped in your organization.

 Learn about how to keep secure at work and at home.