Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities
Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities

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Carespring Healthcare Northern Kentucky is growing again! With our new facility Boonespring set to open in the fall/winter of 2018 we will be looking to fill an Administrator position aand a Director of Nursing position at one of our Northern Kentucky facilities.

Maintains the facility and is responsible for everyday decisions. Salary $86,700 to $126,700 based on experience.


1.     Ensures facility is following all federal and state guidelines.

2.     Establishes a good relationship with the team members, families and community.

a)     Proactively manages expectations and issues via management by walking around in the facility.

b)     Oversees the complaint process.

c)      Reviews Resident and Family customer satisfaction surveys and aim for improvement in areas of concern.

3.     Maintains direct oversight of the following operations in the facility:

a)     Census Management

b)     Team Member Satisfaction:

?        Uses direct, face to face communication to manage team member issues

?        Ensures turnover rates are minimized

?        Reviews team member survey and acts on areas of concern

c)      Accounts receivable:

?        Ensures the facility is collecting co-pays, Medicaid patient liability and other private balances timely

?        Manages the Medicaid application and pending process with the Social Services department, Front Office, and Corporate teams

?        Submits proper documentation for write-offs

d)     Controllable Cost Management:

?        Manages overtime and ensures team members are accountable to work schedules

e)      Personnel related issues:

?        Reviews all new team member applications for final approval and all current team member annual evaluations

?        Disciplinary process of team members

f)      Establishes an open line of communication with Department Heads to ensure expectations of residents and goals are met:

?        Ensures the facility has functional Department Heads who are versed in proper policies and procedures of their department and who work together. This includes ensuring proper training for their role.

g)     Works to ensure the facility maintains at least a 3 star on CMS 5 star program

h)     Ensures the interdisciplinary team has an effective plan to manage case mix for Medicaid residents

i)       Manages the CMS Quality Indicators – reviews with nursing team, especially indicators over the national thresholds

j)       Ensures the corporate office receives timely follow-up on requested items (i.e A/R issues/questions, Corporate monthly reports, invoices, payroll summaries, credit card expense reporting)

4.     Any and all duties as assigned by the Regional Administrator, COO and/or CEO.

Active Administrator’s License in the state where the facility is located.

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Must be available on a 24-hour basis as needed for guidance of resident and staff needs. Requires good human relations in communication. Needs to be assertive and motivated to be effective in management.  

Must have the ability to initiate specific nursing judgment in individual patient care treatments. Must ensure the nursing department meets the requirements set forth in Federal and State regulations. Requires the capabilities of participating in various departmental, clinician, educator, personnel manager and controller of quality roles.

Responsible for overall management of the facility when the administrator is not on the premises or unavailable. Salary $81,600 to $101,600 based on experience.


  1. To provide the pinnacle of excellence in patient care by establishing a professional philosophy of gerontological nursing
  2. Nursing service maintains a qualified staff to meet the physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs of all patients. The Director of Nursing is responsible for establishing the overall objectives of nursing and providing administrative guidance and support of facility goals, policy, and chain of command.


  1. Establish objectives, plans, and programs
  2. Develop and implement policies and procedures
  3. Define and assign responsibilities
  4. Communicate and collaborate with medical directors
  5. Evaluate and audit departmental operations
  6. Assess staff development needs
  7. Develop and implement recruitment and retention programs
  8. Demonstrate techniques – oversee care planning and delivery
  9. Counsel and promote staff – perform team member evaluations
  10. Serve as a role model – share and implement new knowledge
  11. Collect data on unusual occurrences – provide safe and clean environment for patient and staff
  12. Assure competency and health of staff
  13. Counsel families, patients, and solve problems where indicated
  14. Function as resident care coordinator
  15. Chart auditing is done in an orderly fashion (see chart audit schedule for details), and includes new admissions and unstable conditions.
  16. Daily nursing rounds are made at 9:30 a.m. to confirm census, staffing, and to monitor patient environment.
  17. The Director of Nursing takes all calls-off Monday – Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., and recruits and replaces staff call-off for improved and more concentrated patient care.
  18. The responsibilities for supportive documentation from doctors for those team members who frequently call off or show a pattern developing is another aspect the Director of Nursing deals with on a daily basis. Tardiness and lateness are also involved and disciplinary action is initiated (i.e., pink slips, team member counseling forms) on this level and given to the DON.
  19. Daily flow sheets are written daily. Each flow sheet is to be accurate and well-staffed.
  20. The schedule is written biweekly, taking into consideration, vacations, requested days off, quality points, birthdays and personal days for each team member.
  21. Daily absentee slips are held until the team member calls back and confirms he or she will be well enough to work. On these slips, show pertinent information communication and action taken i.e., doctor’s statement, no restrictions needed, pink slips issued or team members did call.
  22. Personal request forms, birthday, vacation, leave of absence, change of status, and change of data are filled out by team members; Director of Nursing initials for staffing monitoring system (SMS), making notations for the schedule if necessary.


  1. Must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing and have a current license in the state in which he/she is practicing.
  2. Management skills, including planning, organizing, directing, and controlling that are needed to oversee the functioning of the facility
  3. Communication skills and follow-up capabilities are a necessity
  4. Gerontological certification should be achieved within two years
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